Who has created THE KEY

THE KEY Creation Technology has been Created and Developed By TECH MONIA.


TECH MONIA is a fully owned Subsidiery of DPPM Holdings.

Alireza Dehghan is the founder and CEO of Both TECHMONIA and DPPM Holdings.

What is THE KEY


THE KEY is your Fingerprint, Any one of them, BUT , More innovative today,

THE KEY is a chain of keys pushed toghether between the lines of your Fingerprint and it appears as a chain of Green dots.

Using THE KEY is like opening your safety deposit box with 900 million Keys in different sizes and positions at the same time.

Your Key is a chain of Green Dots in different sizes chained toghether in the middle of your fingerprint. This way it Creates The Greatest Security On earth , It's simply like opening your Safty deposit box with 900 million different keys in difeerent sizes at the same time , but you have it with you and you can create up to 10 of it.


But there is something great that we did with the KEY.

THE KEY is used not only as the SECURITY but also as THE IDENTIFIER of DPPM Payment and transfers, so when you connect your accounts cards from anywhere in the world in any currency to your KEY, Your KEY will be the account number signiture password CVV expiration and everything else for your Payments all around the World and Domestic and International Transfers.


The way the Authentication works : every key stays in the servers, when ever any account recives a request for pyment or transfer to an other KEY , After you Put you Finger and the system recives the picture of your Finger, it enhences it so we get a clearer more accurate picture, then it matches the key in the servers with the picture if its the same, it goes to processing,


the whole process takes about 1.45 seconds, with processing 2.95 Seconds on average.


Using the KEY as the identifier, thats how we can transfer funds instantly in the world and domestically so cheaply


to see how the process works go to HOW IT WORKS.





How did we create the KEY

You can transfer or Pay money Either domestically or Internationally no matter where you live and no matter where and how you keep you money INSTANTLY THE MOST SECURE WAY POSSIBLE, AND FOR AS LITTLE AS 30 CENTS


Waiting to colect the Worlds FingerPrint to Create the keys

(This is why you can't use this now and you have to wait.Everybody has to register)

June 2017

Search Engin for Keys and Fingerprints Created

March 2017

Developed the instant Payment

Jan 2017


Put idea on paper

July 2017

Test the system for any glitch


April 2017

Developed the Instant Transfer system

Jan 2017

Created a system of payment and transfer system that can be instant

A vision for a new payment and Transfer technology in the world for as fast as a in seconds ,as convinent as possiblee and as cheap as in cents no matter where you live

JAN , 2017

THE KEY used in a new technology of payment and Transfers

13 December 2016

System of Identifying THE KEY was tested 100% successfully on 132 people

May 2016

First KEY created by hand Using Microsoft Paint To test the development

September 2016

the recognition system has been developed for identifying each KEY to another KEY


April 2015

Research Started

August 2015

Working with current Fingerprint Technology and understanding the process


DPPM Finance


DPPM Finance is the system behind DPPM Payment and Transfers Which uses THE KEY by techmonia as an identifier for instant payment and transfers of money with a fee of 0.3 USD per transaction Worldwide.



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© Copyright DPPM Holdings Ltd. DPPM FINANCE AND TECHMONIA are fully owned subsideires of DPPM Holdings.