DPPM Repute


You will be able to use your key as your passport, Drivers Lisance, ID, Medical Records, Insurance Card and every thing else


DPPM is Developing this technology right now and this is the FUTURE, so by 2019 your KEY will be your pssport, Governments can issue Visas to KEYS , you Cross Borders with your KEY,Your KEY is your boarding pass, hotel key , and it will be all of your bank accounts in 3 months with DPPM Payments and Transfers.


DPPM will co-operate with Governments From Smart Dubai to Europe and US.

DPPM will also offer speacial solutions for governments and Banks.



We have a great vision for DPPM in not that distant future

aside from the greatness of DPPM Payments and transfer we also have multiple other huge projects which we will explain here

DPPM Payments and Transfers


We firmly believe that DPPM Payments and transfers will be the sole transfer and payment system in the world whether online in store and internationally pretty soon. and thats why offer this amazing instant service for such a low price.


aside from the convenice security and the cost we are incorperating different things in the KEY right now ,

so Your KEY will pretty soon be ALL of you Milage Programs whether airlines or hotel or even stores.


DPPM Payment and Transfers will Replace Interbank Telecummunications as well because we also offer the same services Interbank and Inter-Government.


DPPM Payment and Transfers will also rule out virtual currencies like bitcoin and other blockchains by the technology

Everybody will also be able to use instant Lending Credit and Morgages from registered Lenders in the DPPM system , a Lender might be bank Credit institution or even a government.

DPPM Finance


DPPM Finance is the system behind DPPM Payment and Transfers Which uses THE KEY by techmonia as an identifier for instant payment and transfers of money with a fee of 0.3 USD per transaction Worldwide.



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